HR Support Beta Offer 1

Join our HR Support Beta Development program to help shape the program to best help you.
We are looking for 10 companies that are interested in monthly HR support and are willing to join the Beta development of our HR Support service.
The purpose of this Beta development process is to:
  • determine the services you need and how frequently you need them
  • track our time to determine what a fair price is
  • determine what services we should include with our HR Support product and what services should cost extra
As a participant in this Beta development, we ask you to commit to participate for at least six (6) months. Because need for our HR Support service will fluctuate from month to month, six (6) months gives us a minimum threshold of time to determine what your average monthly needs are.
As for cost, for the first 6 months, the cost will be $119 for employers with employees in no more than five (5) states. For employers with employees in more than five (5) states, please contact us about pricing.
At 6 months, we will analyze on an individual participant and collective basis:
  • how much time we spent providing HR support services
  • what types of services we provided
  • what types of services we spent the most time on
Based on this information, we will determine the future cost of our service and the types of services we will include in it.
While in the Beta development process, these are the services we will include and exclude from the service. We have created these separations based on prior experience providing these services and our experience with how long each takes.
What it includes:
  • Employment law or HR questions answered over the phone or by email including any necessary research
  • Policy and procedure recommendations
  • Policy and procedure review and minor updates
  • Handbook review up to 5 states (6 states and above cost extra) (we tell you what needs to be fixed)
  • Priority support over all other clients or requests
  • Full access to our membership area
  • Free custom legislation tracking
What it doesn’t include (available for additional cost):
  • Handbook updates (we fix what needs to be fixed)
  • Major policy updates
  • Drafting administrative complaint responses or participating in administrative hearings
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