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Washington: Scheduling regulations for certain retail and food service employers in Seattle go into effect

July 1, 2017

On September 19, 2016, the Seattle City Council passed the Secure Scheduling ordinance that regulates the scheduling practices of certain retail and food service employers. Employers subject to the new ordinance include retail and food service establishments with more the 500 employees worldwide and full-service restaurants with more the 500 employees and 40 full-service restaurant locations worldwide. The new regulations include:

  • Covered employers must give employees their schedules at least 14 days in advance
  • Employees who are sent home from shifts must be paid for half of their hours not worked
  • Covered employers must give new hires a good faith estimate of the hours they will work
  • Employees may decline any shift added to their schedule within the two-week schedule notice period without fear of retaliation
  • Covered employers must pay employees time and a half for a second shift that starts within 10 hours of a prior shift
  • Covered employers must give notice to existing employees and offer those employees any new available hours before hiring additional employees
  • Employees must be paid half-time for any shift they are on-call and do not get called into work

Other restrictions and requirements apply.

The new ordinance goes into effect on July 1, 2017.

For more information, read Seattle City Council Ordinance 125135.


July 1, 2017
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